Why Your Field Inspection Success May Be Stuck Due to This One Thing

So, what’s keeping you from getting started in field inspections? Maybe this one thing..


Why Your Field Inspection Success May Be Stuck (Photo credit: Artem Verbo via Unsplash)

For years I wanted to learn how to swim. Friends and family did their best to teach me. Awkward as I was growing up, I was still also a decent enough athlete. So, what was the problem?

Well, all the years I put off being serious about swimming came to a head. There I was – the night before a swim test for the navy ROTC. Pass, and life would be good. Fail, and it was going to be a painful semester of early morning remedial classes..

People who have known me for years will tease me for being patient – to a fault. While most of us can benefit from a bit more patience, I have the opposite problem. Sometimes I need to just stop putting things off.

Resistance is the enemy, as Steven Pressfield reminds us. He’s talking about the creative process, but this applies to life and even your business. More often it’s just another shade of fear.

One of the exercises that I often use is simply offering to give $20 or some dollar bill that’s in my wallet. (If you’re lucky, it may be $100..) I ask the class who wants it. Most times people look at each other uncomfortably and a bit confused until someone finally gets up and takes it.

Now some teachers who have done this will ask for the money back. I usually try to have an amount where it’s like getting a nice discount or almost a refund of the registration fee. But I let the student keep their prize.

What I do next is to point out that how we do this one thing is also how we do everything else. If you’re skeptical and think it’s a scam, that’s probably what you do when you come across an opportunity. If you don’t want to be embarrassed because you think it makes you look like a money grubber, then that’s likely why you’re afraid to try some program. If you simply didn’t want to get up because no one else was doing it, then in all likelihood that’s how you’re holding yourself back.

But the bottom-line is that all of this stems from fear. As I stood on that platform looking down at the water below, I kept reciting the quote from the sci-fi classic, Dune: “Fear is the mind-killer, fear is..”

Short of pushing you off that diving board in your own mind, I can’t take that step for you. No one can. All I can do is to try to make it a no-brainer like the recent $1 promotion, that’s ending soon.

Recently, I hosted a special Q&A to answer questions and to help folks who have signed up for our Field Rep 101 Insiders and others still on the fence. I hope you took advantage of this opportunity and finally move closer to the future you deserve!

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