One Field Inspector Bible to Rule Them All

If I bought one resource (besides my own book on Field Inspection, of course,) it’d be the SOFI Directory. (This link is to purchase the directory only – see below for special offer including training) This really is THE bible for field inspectors.


SOFI Directory for Field Inspection Companies – More precious than Gollum’s Ring

Basically, while we talk about the ways to get started both here and on our YouTube channel, this guide produced by mentor, Richard Law, will provide a list of companies looking for you and your services.

It covers National Field Service Firms in all 50 states. Some companies cover specific parts or regions of the country, while others are national. The Directory lists about 89 national firms and 70 regional firms in paper, as well as state-wide and metropolitan representatives in PDF format on a CD included with your purchase.

So, you can find work by reviewing the National and Regional paper sections to find firms handing out the work. If you are a firm looking to hire representatives, go to the Statewide and the Metropolitan sections on CD to find representatives to perform your tasks.

Basically, I bounced around for a while trying to find the reputable companies that didn’t try to lowball you and get you to work for peanuts. It wasn’t until I met Richard and learned about the SOFI Directory that things took off for me and field inspection work.

Richard knows that I love helping field inspectors get started, so he offered to provide a special price.

If you purchase a copy through Field Rep 101 at the special price of $97, you not only get 10% off the regular price of the SOFI directory and its CD. But I’ll add access to our online training that previously sold for over $199.

Plus, if you upgrade now for just $22 more, you’ll get one month of access (normally $49 per month) to the special online mastermind group for our alumni. Besides weekly live calls you find out first hand what is happening in the field inspection industry and where the best paying assignments are found.

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