Field Inspections – Something Old Something New

When I got started in field inspection work years ago, there was very little information available. Today there is a little more out there, but it’s still lacking at best.

Ok, times have changed. Now there are assignments that you can do on your smart phone or tablet. Reports are 99.99% electronic and transmitted via the Internet. In fact, video is starting to become the “next big thing..”

I predict that in the future more and more companies will request recorded videos and eventually live. Drone photography will ultimately become mainstream. (currently there are only a few hundred companies allowed to use drones commercially..)

Here I talk with Servanne and Pam of IMSC about video mystery shopping..



Welcome to Field Rep 101

If you’re like me, you’ve tried different ways to make money with real estate. Maybe you’re a realtor who’s gone to all kinds of real estate investment training – or mystery shopper who’s wondered how anyone makes a living doing $5 or $10 assignments – or a retiree that’s trying to figure out how to survive on what’s left of the social security program.

No matter what I’ve found that the key is realizing that what you’re doing hasn’t been working and that it’s time for a change.

Over the years I’ve helped entrepreneurs and wannabe self-employed individuals get started in creating new income streams they never knew existed.

As my students know, this is NOT “get rich quick,” and I am telling you upfront that it requires work. But for a lot of folks they quickly realize that it’s much better than what they were doing.
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